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Our Comprehensive Maintenance Plan is available for an additional charge. The CMP coverage includes all adjustments and repairs necessary to maintain your rental band instrument in satisfactory playing condition, subject to the following terms:
Comprehensive Maintenance Plan

All adjustments and repairs will be made to keep the rental band instrument in proper playing condition, not including replacement of expendable accessories, such as reeds, oils, drum sticks, etcetera. Scratches, dents and other cosmetic damage are not included in this coverage.

RENTAL BAND INSTRUMENT IS ONLY PROTECTED UNDER THIS COMPREHENSIVE MAINTENANCE PLAN WHEN ALL FEES ARE PAID TO DATE, AND ONLY FOR THE DURATION OF THIS AGREEMENT. THIS IS NOT INSURANCE. Damage due to abuse or neglect of the rental band instrument are not covered under the terms of this agreement. In such case, Customer will be held liable for any repairs to the instrument. Loss of the rental band instrument due to fire, theft or other catastrophe is not covered under the terms of this plan. In case of such loss, Customer will be held liable for the outstanding balance amount on the rental band instrument at the time of the loss.

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