The study of music helps develop an appetite for all forms of learning. It teaches us: concentration, alertness, memory skills, and self-control. It allows us to use acquired knowledge to develop all aspects of life, including: values, ethics, and creative decision-making. It reinforces all the essential elements of our development as caring-sharing human beings, and brings us to a higher level of emotional maturity. Ultimately, it allows us to have a greater understanding and appreciation for life itself.
Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, musician and educator

How Can Your Child Benefit From a Musical Education?

  • Music can provide your child with a constructive, creative interest leading to a a lifetime of enjoyment. Your child will develop a love and understanding of music which will be a source of pleasure and relaxation to him or her, not only during the school years, but throughout their life.
  • Music education has become an accepted part of the school curriculum from kindergarten through college because educators recognize that it offers every child many opportunities and benefits which are not available through any other activity.
  • Musical training builds self-confidence. As your child gradually learns to master an instrument, he or she will gain confidence in his or her own ability. This assurance and increased self-respect will carry over into other tasks which the child may undertake.
  • Musical training develops social poise. As a member of the school band, your child will develop a sense of stage presence by participating in performances before an audience. The poise which he or she acquires will be useful in many different types of situations.
  • Your child will learn cooperation. Teamwork is essential in any musical group, and your child will learn to work with others in coordinated efforts to produce the best possible performance. The band provides an excellent opportunity for group participation, since it welds together a large number of students without losing the importance of the individual.
  • Your child will learn responsibility to the members of the group, since the band’s success depends on each student playing his or her own part well, no matter how small the part.
  • Musical training is good mental discipline. Playing in the band will help your child develop mental alertness, coordination between thought and action, split-second accuracy, concentration, and memory.
  • Playing an instrument helps develop physical skills. As your child progresses, he or she will develop breath control and finger dexterity as well as the senses of touch, hearing, and sight.
  • Playing in the band is good, wholesome fun. Participation in a musical organization can mean opportunities for your child to take part in trips, parades, tours and other special activities that will enrich his or her entire school experience.

Why Not Buy An Instrument Now?

  • You could get stuck with an instrument you may not need! Not all children continue with band beyond a get-acquainted period. And used instruments, left lying around for a long time, often are in need of costly repair.
  • The initial months are the most crucial. Your child won’t overcome the handicap of an inferior instrument. Most educators recommend renting first, until you and your child decide about band.

How The Instrumental Rental Plan Works

  • You will automatically own the instrument if you continue to rent for a sufficient number of months.You may rent the instrument of your choice on a monthly basis for a low initial payment and small monthly rental payments. The initial payment pays for a trial period of one or two months. At the end of the trial period, we will automatically withdraw your payment from your specified account.
  • If you wish to purchase the instrument for cash at the end of the trial period, you will receive a 30% discount from the balance at that time.
  • If you decide to buy the instrument, all rent paid will apply toward the purchase, less applicable fees and charges. Cash payment of the balance amount in full at any time during the monthly rental qualifies you for a 10% discount.
  • You may elect to add maintenance coverage under our Comprehensive Maintenance Plan for an additional $4.00 per month. The plan covers any repairs necessary to keep the instrument in good playing condition, not including replacement of expendable accessories or cosmetic damage.
  • Your obligation to Music Central ceases upon return of the rental instrument, provided that all rental payments are up-to-date. Please call Music Central at (800) 733-PLAY if you will be returning the instrument.
  • No statements will be sent on monthly rental payments. All payments will be deducted automatically from your specified account.
  • If you wish to purchase a step-up instrument for your child, 100% of the rent paid toward the original instrument, less applicable fees and charges, will apply. If your child wishes to change to a different type of instrument, all of the rent paid on the original instrument applies to the new instrument. (Only one change of instrument will be allowed without penalty.)
  • If the instrument is returned for repair, or for any other reason, be sure to write the student’s name and school on a piece of paper and put it inside the instrument case.

How Can Parents Help Their Child Succeed In Music?

Here are some other ways in which you can further help your child:The success of the beginning student depends largely upon the parent.Your attitude of encouragement is most important. You can give your child a good start by showing your interest and your confidence in his or her ability to succeed.
  • Provide your child with a suitable instrument. A beginner can seldom overcome the handicap of an instrument that is not in perfect playing condition. See that the instrument is kept in good repair and supplied with the necessary reeds or oils.
  • It’s good discipline to help your child establish a habit of regular daily practice. Find a quiet place for your student to practice without interruption.
  • A music stand for home use will make it easier for your child to establish correct playing posture and breathing habits.
  • Praise is an effective tool – use it generously when your child does his or her work well. Don’t be too critical.
  • Teach your child to be on time for lessons and rehearsals. Visit with the music teacher at regular intervals so that you are informed about your student’s progress, and are able to help the child with any problems that might arise.
  • Attend all concerts that you can possibly attend, especially those in which your child is appearing. Attend band parent meetings, and lend your support to their activities.

We’re Here To Help, Too

A dedicated music company is a vital part of the music education team. Music Central’s staff of educators, musicians and technicians have had many years’ experience in helping students get the right start in music. We are sincerely interested in young people, and it is a privilege for us to work with them. We invite you to utilize our resources in any way that can help you and your child. Please feel free to contact us at any time. Thank you.

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