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Q. What is the advantage of a monthly rental program?
A. As a proud parent, you know your child has the great privilege of many opportunities and activities ahead in school. Band or orchestra may be the greatest of those, but until you are sure, you may feel more comfortable with the risk-free option of monthly rental. What’s great is your payments still apply to purchase; so in essence, you are buying the instrument, but you retain the option of returning the instrument, up until the time your payments accumulate to the full purchase price.
Q. Will my rent apply towards the purchase of the instrument?
A. All rent applies to purchase. Period! The amount of time it takes to own the instrument varies with the instrument’s price. New ones will take longer than “Fresh Returns,” used instruments (pending availability) will take even less time.
Q. What if my child wants to switch instruments?
A. We do not encourage a switch; the child will need to spend several weeks just getting comfortable with the instrument, and a change will put him or her that much farther behind the other students. (Mastery will not happen right away!..) However, if your teacher suggests the switch because of a physical or medical problem, we will allow full credit from the original rental period only to apply to the purchase of another instrument.
Q. What should I look for in a band instrument?
A. In a word… reliability. Stick with major, known name brands. Cosmetics are not crucial. A bright, shiny new horn is not a necessity, although much like an buying a used car, it is a clear indication of how well the instrument was cared for. (Faulty equipment will hamper the success of your child!)
Q. Why should I rent from a music store?
A. When you purchase or borrow an instrument from a friend, you might perhaps pay less, but you are on your own as far as warranty and instrument reliability. With most rental programs, you are given absolute assurance of a working instrument, at all times, with our optional maintenance plan!… Unless you are an instrument expert yourself, you may be stuck with a major repair bill on down the line.
Q. What do we need to know about basic instrument care for our rental?
A. Basic instrument care for woodwind and brass instruments can be found on our Basic Instrument Care page.
Q. What should I expect out of a good music store?
A. A complete, accessible assortment of your child’s musical needs–reeds, oils, care items, method books; Prompt, repair service; Knowledgeable sales staff–a good music store will have several expert musicians; A commitment to music education–including membership in state educational organizations and regular financial support with local and regional clinic.

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