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Matt Stewart

E-Commerce Manager & Inventory Control Guitars, Drums & Keyboards
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I left the rat race of corporate IT behind around five years ago when I was first made aware of an opening at Music Central in Hopkinsville. Since then I’ve transitioned from a mostly sales and support role to online sales and inventory control. I’m still in the process of establishing Music Central’s Reverb store and I hope to have that humming along nicely by the end of the year. I’m known as the resident walking encyclopedia of guitar brand history and general random facts. If you ever need any info on a pedal, amp, guitar or bass we have in-stock don’t be afraid to ask. I can probably give you the info you need and a ton more you didn’t ask for! Haha!

My wife, Lindsey and I just recently welcomed our first child into the world and I’ve been busy enjoying my new role as a father. I hope to instill in my little girl the same joy of music I found at a very young age. I’ve always enjoyed music. Some of my very earliest memories are of listening to LP’s on my dad’s record player. I grew up on a diet of late 60’s and 70’s prog-rock and southern rock. These days I can be found playing bass or guitar around the house or playing in a local band or two when time allows. I hope to continue working with you all to help you find the right piece of gear for your needs. Music Central really is a small family run company. We may not be related by blood but we have still built strong family bonds and I believe that makes us stronger as a company and that in turn allows us to provide a higher level of service than many¬†of the big box stores. We know gear and we hope to get to know you as well so come on by and build a relationship with our staff here at Western Kentucky’s oldest new music store!

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