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Jason Killebrew

Vice-President / AV Design and Integration Manager Live Sound Reinforcement & AV Installation
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Jason is Music Central’s audio, video, and lighting expert.  His primary focus is the design and installation of professional AV systems for houses of worship and educational institutions across Kentucky and Tennessee.

Jason graduated with honors from SAE Institute of Technology where his focus was in Audio Production and Technology.  In 2010, Jason earned an ISF-C certification for calibrating video displays, and followed it up in 2012 by earning his ANSI accredited CTS certification.  He is currently studying to achieve the next level CTS certification with an emphasis on design and installation standards.

Jason also spent 11 years on the road as the drummer and technical director for touring Christian Rock band – Hearts of Saints.  During his tenure with the band, Jason encountered many of the audio, video, and lighting troubles that our clients are likely to encounter in a variety of settings.  From small to mega churches; indoor clubs and venues; to large outdoor festivals, Jason has experienced his fair share of “complicated situations”.

“You have to approach each room or venue individually,” he says.  “Each system I design is tailor-made to work optimally in the room or venue we’re working in.  Proper audience coverage, intelligibility, full-range clarity, and minimizing room reflections (reverb) are all things I consider when designing and commissioning a system”.




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